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Cord material: Imported anorexic copper wire wrapped with silicon gel, and with internal reinforcing fiber, the tension can reach 30 kilograms. The whole wire is covered with transparent nylon thread, which is more durable and better feeling. Cool design plug. Plug: 1/4" Mono plug to RCA plug Cord length:2 meters Package: 1pc/box

SNAKEKING retractable RCA clip cord

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Silicone cord made in Germany. Retractable cord length: 0.4-1.8 meters. Avoid the mess of trailing your cords along the floor. Equipped with heavy duty strength mounting magnets. Removable mounting base. Can be equipped with RCA clip cord adapter. Colors available in black and silver.

Tattoo Pen Black Holder

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Material : Acrylic Suitable for all type of tattoo and permanent makeup pens. Holder size: 8.2x4.4x3.5cm

Super powerful HORNET tattoo pen

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Motor: Mabuchi motor 8V 9000S Operating voltage: 6-8V Stroke: 3.5mm Remark: Please work less than 8V, may injure the skin since it's too powerful. Colors: silver, orange, green, black. -Suitable for all types of cartridges on the market. -Super compact size of 88 mm long and 31 mm diameter. -It's very powerful, good for color packer, cutback shader, new traditional, old/new school style ...

Brass Mini Foot Pedal

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Made of pure brass material. The four parts are fixed on the pedal to make it more strengthened and durable. The internal two brass point on both sides, helps to have better contact when stamping on the pedal. Cord length: 1.8 meters Package includes 1pc pedal and 1pc screwdriver.